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with Sea Buckthorn

"She is one of the most Ancient Goddessess
to appear in Mythology.

Lilith represents a Strong Feminine Power
that incarnates independence.

She is part of a world of Dreams
and daughter of the earth.

A Force of Nature that will
never bow."

The Sea buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides L) is a shrub with thorny branches and yellowish fruits or berries from which an essential oil with antioxidant, nutritive and skin-regenerating properties is obtained. It is used as an ingredient in organic or bio cosmetic products, such as those presented in this section, for its multiple benefits and high nutritional value for the body.

It has more vitamin C than the lemon itself! It prevents colds, protects against anemia or infections and facilitates digestion. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and reduces fat and cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fatty acids, beta carotenes and vitamin E. They prevent aging of the skin and are ideal for those skins that are very dry because they give softness and flexibility.
The benefits of sea buckthorn oil are mainly indicated for the skin. It retains moisture and repairs epithelial cells. It increases its elasticity and leaves it softer than ever. But it is also capable of helping: Eliminate small wrinkles or expression lines due to its high content of omega 7 and palmitoleic fatty acid. The ideal is to use natural cosmetic products based on sea buckthorn from 20 years. Anti-inflammatory in skin processes such as psoriasis and dermatitis, it works as a perfect natural anti-inflammatory. Moisturizing, it can be an excellent help in dry mouth syndrome or xerostemia that can cause difficulty speaking and even breathing. It hydrates the mucous membranes of the body helping to improve these pathologies. Cellular regenerator for the body thanks to the essential fatty acids it contains that help this function. Defenses, this oil is a cardioprotector so it helps the health of the cardiovascular system, it also stimulates the body's immune system and can help lose weight since it reduces appetite, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. It helps the liver, favors the detoxification of liver cells. It can be used in treatments against anemia and other related pathologies.

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