Our ancestors came from animistic cultures,
which believed that all things,
including plants, hold a spirit.

Each one of our Natura Organics Collections
is inspired by an Ancient Deity.

There is a Goddess for every one of us.

Meet them!


- REPAIR Line -
with Sea Buckthorn

"She is one of the most Ancient Goddessess
to appear in Mythology.

Lilith represents a Strong Feminine Power
that incarnates independence.

She is part of a world of Dreams
and daughter of the earth.

A Force of Nature that will
never bow."

Hippophae rhamnoides


- NATURE Line -
with Artemisia

"Among the rural population in Antique Greece,
Artemis was the favorite goddess.

Her character and actions
varied greatly from place to place.

Mainly, she is the goddess of wild nature.

She dances,
usually accompanied by nymphs,
in mountains, forests and marshes."

Artemisia vulgaris


- CLEAN Line -
with Tea Tree & Aloe Vera

"She is the daughter of Asclepios,
God of Medicine.

Among her Gifts are
the prevention of sickness,
the continuation of good Health
and the Power of Healing
and Cleansing.

Her name is known to be the source
of the word -Hygiene-."

Melaleuca alternifolia - Aloe barbadensis


- NIGHT Line -
with Holy Basil

"She is the Primal Ancient Greek
Goddess of the Night.

Powerful, born from Chaos,
Nix, along with the other
4 primal Gods,
was in charge of restoring order
in the cosmos.

Keeper of the Night,
She lives among Stars."

Ocimum sanctum

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