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"To make a truly natural organic skincare range is one thing ; to make it as good as, if not better than, conventional skincare - now there's the challenge" Jerome Petit, 35 years old entrepreneur has had this vision for the last 15 years.

For 17 years, Jerome suffered from eczema and allergies of all sorts. His parents discovered natural toiletries in early 1980. This chemical-free solution was to radically improve Jerome's health and life.

After spending years selling existing natural and organic brands, he decided to create and commercialise his vision, "a brand with sharp, slick packaging and a modern and pragmatic approach to the organic formulation, at the same time taking all the sustainability and recycling issues into account, whilst keeping the price down to make it available to everyone."

Over the last 4 years, Jerome has successfully created and developed natura organics brand and positioned it as an outstanding and unique organic product range. The products are now being sold in more than 10 countries throughout the world.

In order to accelerate the development of the brand, Jerome Petit required more resources and so he decided to sell the business to oir spanish group Domis who had started to introduce the brand in southern Europe over the last 2 years.
We operate with offices and warehousing activities in 2 countries; France and Spain, developing her fast growing internet activity and distribution activities. The natura organics brand perfectly completes the offer and ethics. Our team bring years of experience in the organic and logistic industry, a reassurance for the existing and new clients.

natura organics, an individual range, has been cleverly crafted using certified pure organic plant ingredients and vitamins. Combined with our French perfumer know-how, we have created 3 lines of products: Soothing, Energizing and Nourishing with hair and body products that stimulate the senses with delicate aromatherapy notes.

Natura organics continues its skincare journey with improved organic formulations, some with new sugar-based surfactants, for our range of shampoos, conditioner, shower gels and body lotions.

The entire range is a unique blend of natural, 100% organic plant-based ingredients and aromatherapy giving uncompromising performance to the discerning user including vegans.

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