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For the skin

Our intention is to give some advice him who help him to elaborate their program of personal beauty, making clear that our objective is to suggest the minimum indispensable steps to him, after to have consulted to numerous dermatologists.

Determination of type of skin
A more or less empirical form, you already know, in general, your type of skin. Always pay attention to the skin, since their characteristics can change according to the stations and the stages of the life (pregnancy, hormonal treatments…).

dry skin
aspect kills, although often a lack of luminosity, fine skin, rough tact, sensation of tenseness.

Objective of the treatments:
to protect (this type of skin is defended badly against the outer aggressions), to hydrate, to prevent the appearance with wrinkles, since this type of skin has tendency to age more quickly. The mature skins must treat like the skins (very) dry.

Normal skin

Characteristics: firm skin, luminous complexion, uniform texture… watches the skin of the children and it will include/understand it!
Objective of the treatments: to maintain the balance.

Oiled Skin
aspect shining due to the excessive production of tallow, irregular texture, the maquillaje stays with difficulty.
Objective of the treatments: to adjust without attacking, reequilibrar.


Dehydrated skins: all the types of skin can be, in a while or another one, dehydrated, that is to say, lack of water.
Sensible skins: they react of located form, to times by effect of the climatic conditions (wind, cold…) and they blush with facility. Some products specifically are thought for these types of skins (the table is seen).
Mixed skins: its aspect is kills in the cheeks and brilliant in the forehead, the nose and the chin; the pores are visible. Simplest it is to treat them like greasy skins in summer and dry skin in winter.

Program of treatments

It is absolutely necessary to clean and to hydrate the skin every day.
In the morning
1 - To clean for the dry skin and normal: it is sufficient with a pulverization (the floral waters are preferable to the pure water, more desecantepara the mixed skins to fats: floral water is advised to make a complete cleaning with cleaning milk +, or with soap + floral water
2 - To protect with a specific cream. It is the most important care; in case that it only wishes to use a treatment, it decídase by this one, from the adolescence!

At night

1 - To clean ( OBLIGATORY) for the dry skin: cleaning milk and the treatment that better adapts; some marks do not recommend nor the clarified one so at least
- for all the other skins: to use, to election, a cleaning milk + lotion or floral water, or a soap.
2 - To hydrate The opinions vary. Some specialists are in favor to leave skin it regenerates during the night, which is not an impediment to apply specific cares (like a serum for mature skins or a treatment for the contour of the eyes). A cleaning milk of good quality will leave the flexible and nourished skin. Others, by the opposite, recommend to apply to a cream… You you decide! Personally, we thought that an average term is possible: to from time to time apply a cream according to the necessities (in winter, when it notices the tense skin, after an exfoliation, after a exhibition to the sun…). Always is interesting to listen our own body!


In its own house or a center of beauty, a regular maintenance of the skin that includes exfoliation and mask. Also treatments of specific cares can be made, like serums.

Small completion:
the cosmetics are a not at all despicable aid for the health and beauty of the skin, but nor all the creams of the world can replace to a good hygiene of life (to sleep the necessary hours, not to abuse the sun, to follow an feeding balanced and, by assumption, to forget the tobacco). And it does not forget the care the body: lávelo with product smooth (like all those that we propose to him) and hidrátelo more regularly possible with a corporal milk; its skin will win in health.

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