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For the hair

Like with the face, he is advisable to determine the type of hair, which is not always as evident as it could seem.

The shampoos propose, by general rule, a type of treatment to too much solve the problems of the hairy leather, that can produce too much fat or, on the contrary little. It is certain that some active principles can help, but the fat production is a hormonal process and is difficult to change.

A natural shampoo, on the contrary, has the enormous advantage to use a smooth cleaning base, very different from the tensioactives commonly used by the traditional cosmetics. Its hair will recover thus, of natural form, its health and balance.

On the contrary, when being private of silicones and other compounds derived from petroleum (paraffin) present in the classic shampoos, perhaps the hair is to him more difficult to comb (but what a natural volume!).

It is advised, therefore, the use of a conditioning product to help him to disentangle it (mainly in the case of dry hair ).

The shampoos Natura Organics, champions in their category, will cause that a magnificent hair shines, although does not have to forget the conditioning one, mainly if its hair is normal or dry and if it does not want to feel disappointed.

In general, it is not recommended to wash the hair everyday. If it does, is absolutely necessary to use a product thought for it.

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