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ecological charter of engagement

To be in conformity with its objectives of respect of the environment and the person, NATURA ORGANICS® is committed honouring the principles with this chart.


I - No use of products obtained by chemical synthesis (dye, conservative, perfume, etc). Unacceptable examples of ingredients: Sulphate (Sodium laureth, sodium lauryl, etc), cocamide (DEA, MEA), mineral oil, formaldehyde, parabenes, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, stearalkonium chloride, PVP/copolymer.
II - Priority given to the certified vegetable ingredients “biological” or of raw materials vegetable whose wild gathering generates neither imbalance of the ecosystems nor degradation of the environment.
III - Exclusive use the surface-active ones (detergents or bases washing) obtained by the soft processes authorized by NATURA ORGANICS® (see article I - Methods of production) starting from the natural raw materials following:
Oils and vegetable fats, vegetable waxes, vegetable lecithins, vegetable sugars, plant proteins. The biodeterioration of all the ingredients according to the international standards' most strict is essential.
IV - Exclusive natural processes, guaranteeing a conservation and stability of the preparations for one period exceeding three years without any agents of synthesis.
V - Limited use of elements produced naturally by the animals thus not-constitutive (examples: milk, wax, etc)
VI - Exclusive use of ingredients guaranteed without GMO (genetically modified organization)
VII - Priority given to the ingredients coming from the equitable commercial projects of production

Methods of production

I - Use of simple and non-polluting manufactoring processes . They must allow obtaining the biodegradable possible matters (Payment OECD 301 D&E).
II - No use of dangerous or litigious processes, such as: Déterpénation, ethoxylation, bleaching, irradiation, sulphonation, engineering genetic (GMO), debacterisation with ethylene oxide, use of mercury (soda and mercurielle potash).
III - Treatment of the ingredients makes exclusively starting from methods without health hazard the environment and (contrary to the current practices in industry: to see article II - Methods of production).
IV - All the manufacturing processes are generated by the manufacturing activity in only one factory directly supervised according to this charter, not rejecting any pollution, and privileging the re-use and recycling on all the levels.
V - No test on the animals (neither raw materials , nor product finished).

Packing and transport

I - Packing is at least reduced. No use of labels which prevent recycling.
II - No PVC container nor plastic which either not easily which can be recycled.
Storage of the biological ingredients and the ecological products finished without contact with other not controlled products.
III - Reduced promotion by conventional publicity campaigns in the media. The priority is put on the research, the development and the ecological improvement of product of high range and at low cost.

This engagement of NATURA ORGANICS® guarantees, from manufacture to the finished product, the respect of a rigorous ecological ethics.

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